Domain saga 2018

I believe this domain will now finally cease end of May or June and this inactive site revert to

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I have sadly decided not to renew the domain this year so in future the pages will be accessible at

It seems transition movements in Hounslow, Brentford and Chiswick have never really taken off though there are active groups nearby at Syon Lane, Heathrow and Ealing – see the links elsewhere on these pages.

Trevor Bending

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I have today re-newed this domain for a further year in the hope that at some point someone involved with Transition Brentford or one of the Transition groups nearby (Chiswick, Heathrow, Ealing) might renew Transition activity in Hounsolow or Brentford and find this domain useful.

Trevor Bending (more often now in Spain).

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Transition Hounslow, Transition Brentford

Transition Brentford appears to be at slumber at present despite moves earlier this year by Cyrille to re-suscitate the group.

Syon Lane community allotment is still operating but Chiswick Transition too appears to be all quiet just now.

I have today renewed the hounslowintransition domain name just in case we or anyone in the London Borough of Hounslow manages to get a transition group up and running.

Please use the comment boxes (‘Leave a reply’) on this Hounslow in Transition website to get in touch or signal a local interest in the Transition Towns movement.

Trevor Bending.

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Transition Brentford

I’m going to use this Hounslow Transitions website for the time being to test features which might be transferred to Transition Brentford‘s website.


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Countdown to Zero at Waterman’s

Watermans are showing Countdown to Zero directed by Lucy Walker who made the excellent documentary Waste Land, and this film, rather more sombrely, is about the proliferation of nuclear driven power plants, weapons, non-degradable hazards, across the globe and the risks they pose. Hardly likely to be a popular offering, but it is good that Watermans shows films like this from time to time.

Screenings are:
Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th at 6.45
Wednesday 13th at 4.30
Thursday 14th at 4.15


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Boston Manor Park Saturday 16th July

(For other events, see Events page)
Tansition Brentford invites you to join a community gathering in Boston Manor Park, Brentford, next Saturday 16th July from 12-6.30 pm. This will be an event for all ages. Please bring food to share, and if you like musical instruments to play on (or just your good self).
If you have any questions, please email: – Directions: Go through the main entrance of Boston Manor Park on Boston Manor Rd (next to the GSK building). Walk straight. Go past the enclosed baskteball court, past some football pitches on your right into the last field (nearest the canal). The gathering will be situated next to the big Oak tree.

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