Transition Hounslow, Transition Brentford

Transition Brentford appears to be at slumber at present despite moves earlier this year by Cyrille to re-suscitate the group.

Syon Lane community allotment is still operating but Chiswick Transition too appears to be all quiet just now.

I have today renewed the hounslowintransition domain name just in case we or anyone in the London Borough of Hounslow manages to get a transition group up and running.

Please use the comment boxes (‘Leave a reply’) on this Hounslow in Transition website to get in touch or signal a local interest in the Transition Towns movement.

Trevor Bending.

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2 Responses to Transition Hounslow, Transition Brentford

  1. zerosprite says:

    I live on the borders of Hounslow and Richmond (on the Richmond side) and would love to get more involved in assisting Hounslow Borough to transition. I hold a degree in Sustainable Development if this helps.

  2. Trevor says:

    Transition Hounslow and also Brentford no longer active. I have sent you an email with some contact details.

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