For more about the transitions movement see the ‘What is it?’ sub-page here. Perhaps I should mention that these pages have been created by Trevor Bending, intermittent member of Brentford Transitions steering group, as a personal initiative  to improve communication about ‘transitions’ in Hounslow and neighbouring areas.

Probably the most concise (5 min) video of Rob Hopkins, Transitions founder, explaining Peak Oil and other concepts from Totnes:

Copy of the first post also now here:
Welcome to a new provisional website and blog to bring together resources for any new Transitions Initiatives in the London Borough of Hounslow and provide quick links to these, neighbouring initiatives and other items of related interest.

As at  1st July 2011, there is a new ‘mulling‘ initiative in Brentford – Brentford in Transition which began with a start-up meeting in January. For general information about the Transitions movement see www.TransitionNetwork.org

Brentford has its own temporary website – but expect this to be revised and probably re-located shortly. See also news on the related yahoo groups page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/transitionbrentford/

Brentford in Transition had some helpful input from the nearby Ealing Transition (in the London Borough of Ealing) which is further along the road as it were. Their website has some useful links.  It also seems that moves are afoot to establish a Southall Transition initiative, also in the London Borough of Ealing.

Another longer established ‘Transition’ is the Transition Heathrow initiative in the London Borough of Hillingdon. This has an associated Community Garden known as ‘Grow Heathrow’.

Brentford in Transition also now has associated with it the slightly longer established Syon Lane Community Garden which is generally open on Sundays and which provides a local example of one of the more practical actvities which can be undertaken. (Rothbury Gardens behind Syon Lane Rail Station).



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