What is it?

For a concise summary of the Transitions movement (all links open in new window), see this from Rob Hopkins: http://www.transitionnetwork.org/support/what-transition-initiative

For an ‘independent’ take see Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transition_Towns

For a ‘deeper’ discussion of Transition principles (the ‘politics’ if you like) in terms of transition principles, ‘inner’ and outer transition, permaculture principles and resilience see this from transitionnetwork:

For the film ‘In Transition 1.o’ (49 minutes online and to purchase) see here:  http://transitionculture.org/in-transition/

For the Transition Primer (51 page pdf version 3 of the much longer Transition Handbook – itself in revision) see first here:

For more on ‘Energy Descent Action Plans’ (EDAP) see this from Totnes: http://totnesedap.org.uk/

For a handy presentation of Chris Martensen’s UK Crash course on Peak Oil (and Peak everything and the credit crisis) see this from Bolton: http://www.transitionlinks.org/?page_id=772  (scroll down their page!)

For discussions of ‘Transitions’ and ‘activism’ see both these Transitionnetwork and Transitionculture links.

For everything else, follow the links on the sites above and this website.



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