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A steering group meeting takes place monthly and all local residents are welcome. Next meeting Tuesday 19th July 7-9pm (2011! As at June 2015, Brentford Transition is still in slumber mode and apart from Transition Heathrow there appears to be very little ‘Transition’ activity in Hounslow. A new government and the UK continues to sleepwalk into an uncertain future). at Green Dragon Lane housing co-op meeting room in Brentford (see details below).
The steering meeting is for anyone interested in getting actively involved in any aspect of Transition Brentford.  It is an opportunity to hear back from the working groups regarding recent projects and also plan future actions and events.
DATE: Tuesday 19th July (2011!)
TIME: 7 – 9 p.m
LOCATION:  The GDL housing co-op meeting room is a green porta-cabin located next to the car park at housing co-op on Green Dragon Lane, Brentford.
DIRECTIONS: Take the turning into Green Dragon Lane opposite the entrance to Kew Bridge Steam Museum.  The road leads you into the co-op and the car park.



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